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Can you believe its DECEMBER already??!! All Turquoise and Tanzanite strands are on sale 20% all month -- even the big stuff!

NOVEMBER's birthstone is CITRINE or IMPERIAL TOPAZ, which we just so happen to have in stock! Both of these golden beauties are 20% off all month long!

OPALS are October's birthstone...So many varieties and colors to choose from! And they are all 20% off until the end of the month!

Welcome to September! All SAPPHIRES are now 20% off for the entire month!

SURPRISE SWAROVSKI SALE! Everything on our Swarovski table is now 50% off until September 15th! Happy September!

  Happy August! All Peridot is 20% off!

  HAPPY JUNE!!! All of our lovely pearls AND MOONSTONES are 20% off this month.

Happy MAY! EMERALDS were a favorite of Cleopatra, are they your favorites, too? All our emeralds are 20% off this month. (We have lots more than what is pictured here).

WE STILL HAVE A FEW DIAMOND STRANDS!!! The last from Bollywood Bead Company and our beloved Arun. Buy a strand & we will add the clasp of your choice, free!

  March's birthstone is AQUAMARINE. We have lots of different shades of this soft blue Beryl, all 20% off this month!

It's PEARLAPALOOZA! We have acquired a HUGE lot of Freshwater Pearls! Small bags, partial strands, half drilled, and even fine finished jewelry. Come check out the bargains!

JUST IN!!! MIRACLE BEADS! These beautiful Japanese beads have been out of production for several years now, but we have a source while supplies last! Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese knock-offs, these are the real deal, with a special UV protective coating so they won't ever yellow.

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