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Learn to design and make your own necklace or bracelet. This class will introduce you to all the different types of stringing materials and tools as well as how to attach a clasp. You will design and make one bracelet in the class using semi precious stones. Absolutely no experience necessary. Instructors: Staff. 2 hours; $40 (includes all materials.)
Sun May 9   12:00 PM         Tue May 18  11:00 AM
Mon May 10   11:00 AM         Fri May 28  11:00 AM
Sat May 15   11:00 AM          
Aprenda a diseñar y hacer su propio collar o pulsera. Esta clase le presentará todos los diferentes tipos de materiales y herramientas para encordar, así como cómo colocar un broche. Diseñarás y fabricarás una pulsera en la clase con piedras semipreciosas. Absolutamente no se necesita experiencia. Instructores: Staff. 2 horas; $ 40 (incluye todos los materiales). THIS CLASS IS TAUGHT ENTIRELY IN SPANISH.
Thu Apr 29   11:30 AM          
Thu May 27   11:30 AM          
In this class you will design and make a pair of dangling earrings (either 2-drop or 3-drop) using semi precious stones. You will learn how to select the best wire for your project and two approaches to attaching beads so they dangle from your piece. No pre-requisites or experience is necessary to take this class, but we suggest that you take Introduction to Stringing first. Instructors: Staff. 2 hours; $40(includes all materials.)
Sun May 2   12:00 PM         Thu May 20  11:00 AM
Wed May 5   11:00 AM         Mon May 24  11:00 AM
Thu May 13   11:00 AM         Sat May 29  11:00 AM
This class will teach you some of the basics of bead weaving and three stitches that are eventually used in more complex projects. Ideal for beginners or those looking for a refresher. Stitches covered will be ladder, flat herringbone, and peyote. You will leave with 2 keychains. Taught by Sandra. All materials included. 3 hrs. $45.
Fri May 7   11:00 AM          
Sun May 30   12:00 PM          
Knotting not only protects delicate beads, but the knots can be used as a design element; knotting with leather is especially popular today. In this class you will make a 'tin cup' style necklace with large fresh water pearls, Swarovski bicones, and a sterling silver clasp. Instructors: Staff. 2 hours; $45(includes all materials).
Fri Apr 23   11:00 AM          
Fri May 14   11:00 AM          
A miniature version of our Elizabethan Flower bracelet componants! We've sized all the beads down to create these adorable little earrings-- appropriately sized for kids to wear! Make them dangle or glue the base onto a post for a cute stud earring. Make a dozen & string them together to make a delicately stitched bracelet. Some bead weaving experience preferred, but this class is ok for relative beginners. Taught by staff. $35 plus materials, allow 1.5 hours.
Tue May 11   11:00 AM          
Use Half Tilas and 11/0's to make these simple geometric rings! Make several & hook together for an easy bracelet. Great for the beginning bead weaver. Instructor: Staff. Approx 1 1/2 hours. $25 plus materials.
Tue May 4   11:00 AM          
Want to fit in with the Bridgertons? Look like a Lady from Georgian era Mayfair London? Try this necklace and earrings set designed by Deb Roberti (aroundthebeadingtable.com). This delicate and sparkly necklace and earrings looks like it was worn by Daphne herself! Choose your own colors and focal drop to make it uniquely yours. Appropriate for relatively new bead weavers. Approx. 2.5 hours. $35 plus materials.
Sun Apr 25   12:00 PM          
*New class by Valerie Felcetto!*
Use as many colors as you like in this intricate bangle! Chatons, seed beads, druks, fire polish, and crystals all come together on a delica band you will need to make ahead of class. A challenge meant for intermediate level bead weavers. Allow 4 hours. $60 plus materials. ***Homework instructions and supply list provided upon paid registration.
Sat Apr 24   12:00 PM          
Join us for a blingy farewell fling! The Romanza Bracelet is another original design by Valerie Felcetto -- and it will be her last class offering here for a long time, as she soon will move across the country. In this class you will use Superduos and a variety of seed bead sizes, as well as Swarovski bicones, to bezel chatons into round and square components. Intermediate level, previous bead weaving a must, but no homework for this one! Allow 4 hours, $60 plus materials.
Sat May 8   12:00 PM          
This braid is easy to learn and works up quickly. It is similar in appearance to the round 8-strand Kumihimo braid, but with a slimmer width and greater flexibility. The great advantage of this braid is that it will accommodate beads of all different shapes and sizes more easily than the round braid. The braid can be made with all seed beads to create a rope, or with a focal front, utilizing a variety of beads. Strictly speaking, this is not kumihimo because it originated in Europe and not Japan, but the round kumihimo disk can be adapted for this technique. Students should have some experience with the regular kumihimo technique with beads. Compared to your typical 8-strand braid, this is faster and easier. Stringing beads before class will be a homework assignment. Allow 3 hours, $50 plus materials. Taught by Marianne Olbermann.
Sun May 23   12:00 PM          
Learn to make a band of 3 sided cubic right angle weave that incorporates a beaded clasp then add swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle. This class requires knowledge of right angle weave, some knowledge of cubic right angle will help. Intermediate level. This class will take 3 hours or a little over based on the length of time it will take to work up the band. Created and guest instructed by the talented Carmelina Calabrese. $55 plus materials.
Sat May 22   11:00 AM          
Calling all beginner Bead Weavers! A class which is focused on teaching you how to read and work with simple patterns. Advanced bead weavers would find this a fun class to relax and encourage our beginners. We will be using Right and Left Zoli Duo beads which adds to the fun of this pattern by making the bracelet/earrings reversible and wearable any way you prefer! These patterns are presented with permission from Debbie Roberti of Around The Beading Table. Taught by Sandra Dellano. BOGO on the Zoli Duo Beads. 3hrs. $35 plus materials.
Wed May 26   11:00 AM          
Turkish Flat bead crochet is fun, easy and works up quickly. Looks much more complicated than it is but results in very attractive and comfortable pieces of jewelry. The selection of beads and fibers determines whether your work will be dainty, sparkly, boho or casual. Learn how to secure these bracelets with a button and loop closure. Basic Crochet knowledge necessary. Designed and Guest Instructed by Sandra Farinella. We can't accommodate left-handed learners at this time but will develop a method for the future. 2-3 hrs. $60 plus materials.
Wed May 12   11:00 AM          
Long walks on the beach have yielded pockets full of glass and nowhere to go. Here is a way to make them useful. Learn to drill glass and rivet the holes for a great finish. This class will offer hands on experience with a flex shaft and how to properly use it. (Note: there are no guarantees made as to the completion of project due to the sensitivity of glass. Colors and sizes will vary from sample.) Tools available for purchase from instructor. Flex shafts will be provided on request for a rental fee of $25. Flex shafts may be pre-ordered from instructor for $105. Stands $24. If purchased at the show a $15 credit will be applied to the purchase of flex shaft and $5 to the purchase of the stand. Skill Level: Confident beginner Sessions: 1, 3hrs Max class size: 8 (no one under 18 years of age) Class Fees: $ 115/person Materials Included: Beach glass pieces, SS tubing, SS JR’s, 18” chain, drill bit (If student breaks bit during class, they will be responsible to purchase another.)
Fri Jun 25   6:00 PM          
Learn how to solder mixed metals without a mess. Sweat soldering will reduce bleeding of solder onto mixed metals. Additionally, you learn how to cut, shape and forge sterling silver. Put all the pieces together to create these distinctive earrings. Skill Level: Beginner Sessions: 1, 3hrs Max class size: 12 (no one under 16 years of age) Class Fees: $ 125/person Materials Included: will provide enough material for 2 pairs of earrings (SS wire, SS jump rings, copper and brass texture sheets (may vary), SS earring wires)
Sat Jun 26   9:00 AM          
Why make a plain bezel when you can make a decorative one? In this class you I’ll teach how to make your own bezel from decorative wire to add dimension and design. Skill Level: Intermediate – must have some soldering experience. Sessions: 3hrs Max class size: 12 (no one under 18 years of age) Class Fees: $ 135/person Materials Included: will provide enough material for 1 sterling silver rings (SS stock, cabochon (may vary))
Sat Jun 26   1:30 PM          
Learn how to shape and solder sterling silver to create a simply elegant pendant and earring set. You will be challenged to solder a pin to securely set the pearl. Skill Level: Beginner Sessions: 1, 3hrs Max class size: 12 (no one under 18 years of age) Class Fees: $ 125/person Materials Included: will provide enough material for 1 sterling silver pendant and 1 pair of earring (SS stock, pearls (color may vary), earring wires)
Sat Jun 26   6:00 PM          
Create a sterling silver statement pendant by cutting, shaping and soldering. In this class you will learn how to make your silver shine like a professional. When finished we will a little extra sparkle with a gemstone. Additional materials and tools maybe purchased from instructor. Skill Level: Beginner Sessions: 1, 4 hours Max class size: 12 (no one under 18 years of age Class Fees: $ 135/person Materials Included: will provide enough material for one pendant. 18" Snake Chain, Sterling silver stock and gemstone. Use of soldering materials.
Sun Jun 27   10:00 AM          
The design of this wonderful necklace takes it inspiration from the royal jewelry. It is a very delicate and at the same time very elegant piece, is made using 2 components repeated several times, for these reason is very easy to make. These components that I have used to make the necklace, are so wonderful that I have used them not only to make this necklace but also to make bracelets and earrings, when you learn to make this necklace you have the opportunity to take with you not only a beautiful piece, but also learn these components that you can use in many other things. Pre-requisite of knowing square stitch, a circular variation will be used. 1 week prior to the class, a video will be sent out in advance on the circular variation. Intermediate level. 4 hours. $70, plus materials.
Sun Apr 18   12:00 PM          
"Ana bracelet is a piece made with Cymbal elements and inspired by the shapes of some trees found in the forest of the Dominican Republic. With the same component you can also adapt this for a necklace. The name is in honor of one of my most dear friends who loved this tree that inspired this piece." An original design, taught by visiting guest artist, Edgar Lopez. Approx 4 hours, $60 plus materials. Appropriate for intermediate level bead weavers.
Sun May 16   12:00 PM          

To register for any class, you must call to pre-pay and check availability: 914-644-8191. We don't take reservations via email or from the website because the attendance books are kept at the front desk, and only prepaid reservations are recorded. So please telephone during store hours to sign up for any class.


  • Advanced registration and full deposit are required for any class.
  • Space is limited and reservations will not be held without payment in full.
  • Anyone 14 years of age or older may register for a class.
  • No refunds or transfers for no-shows or for cancellations made less than 3 days in advance of your class.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any class, in which case we will issue full refunds.
  • Use of tools is included.
  • We reserve the right to substitute comparable beads and components in class project kits based on availability of materials.

Materials for classes will always be available for purchase on the day of the class. When attending a class with us, we kindly request that you support our shop by not using beads purchased elsewhere.

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